“My customers always asked if we had employee communication templates. I always had to say ‘no’ ... until now!
- ITSM Systems Integrator and Frank Partner  

The Frank IT Change Kit IP Delivers:


Instant, Turn-Key Value for Your Clients:

Fulfill an org change & internal comms gap with materials that can be used "as is" or customized to your technology / process.

Additional Revenue on Kit Sales or Consulting:

Immediately insert a change-comms solution directly into your proposals. Plus: resell the Kit or additional consulting at YOUR rates.

An Immediate Competitive Advantage:

Close deals faster, accelerate end-user adoption and increase CSAT with change-communications that deliver results.

Enhance the value of your tech, integration or change company. 

Accelerate end-user adoption. Increase customer satisfaction. Earn additional revenue. All right here.

The award-winning Frank IT Change Kit is one of the most innovative names in org change and communications. Backed by 12 years in the IT and digital transformation and org-change space, the Frank IT Change Kit has helped thousands of employees understand the benefits of IT & digital change across their organization.

Now, you can bring this to your clients by purchasing the Frank IT Change Kit IP.

With 27 change-communications modules available, four creative themes (available “as is” or tack on a customization package) and a documented Train-the-Trainer program for best-practice usage and sales techniques, there's no need to build change-communications from scratch. The Frank IT Change Kit IP is your shortcut to meeting a customer need and increasing revenue. Pronto.

Who should purchase the IP?


Technology Companies or Consultants

Ensure end-user adoption by adding materials from the Frank IT Change Kit to your tech offering. Fulfill a customer need.

Org Change Management Consultants

Differentiate your firm by adding Frank IT Change Kit materials to your services. Help your customers achieve lasting change.

Corporate Centers of Excellence

If your organization is experiencing ongoing IT & digital change, the Reseller Program will equip your team to run change effectively.

How does it work?

Buy the IP today, start earning more revenue tomorrow!

• Fulfill client requests for employee / workforce communications during complex tech and digital transformation

• Complement and activate any existing org change management programs you may be offering
• Tap into an opportunity to revisit past customers with a new, innovative offering

• Enrich overall reference-ability to other customers, clients or contacts

• And more: Frank has thousands of contacts interested in innovative products or services like yours. Can we also help get your product or service in front of our network as well? Let’s have a conversation today to develop a great partnership.