“The Frank IT Change Kit enabled our department to go from dull and drab to fresh and fun.”
- IT Portfolio Manager, Medica

The IP includes 4 themes to match your – or your customer's – brand.

Each company culture and internal brand is unique. That’s why every Frank IT Change Kit communication module is available in four themes – from conversational to more conservative – developed by award-winning Art Directors, Designers and Copywriters. All to speak directly to employees in their language. All to accelerate engagement and adoption. All ready to go.

As an IP purchaser, you can offer themes with these goals in mind:

1) Align to an Internal Brand: If an organization has established internal brand standards, your customers are able to choose a theme that most-closely aligns to that look and feel. Even more: as all files are completely editable in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, there's always direct control to insert their logos, corporate colors, images or fonts.

2) Create a New Project or Department Voice: Sometimes, your customer's projects really need to stand out. Good news: allowing your customers to choose a theme that's different from their standard corporate communications is easy to do.

3) Build Consistency: Either way, the Frank IT Change Kit IP allows your customers to build a consistent “voice” with IT, HR and digital communications. Review the themes below. Then contact us to learn more.

“Frank Talk” Theme: Conversational & Fresh

Campaign cuts through the clutter and connects with leaders, managers & employees at an open, honest level. Attention-getting photos on stark, white background stand out.


Examples for It's Time Theme

“It’s Time” Theme: Corporate … but Fun

Campaign stresses that change is not just about having a shinier object, it’s about benefits for employees. Refreshing photos complete the campaign.

Examples for Imagine Theme

“Imagine” Theme: Creative & Future-Focused

A campaign that truly envisions, “What can we become if we change?” Imaginative drawings incorporated with photography highlights a new vision. 

“Illustration” Theme: Cheerful & Friendly

The campaign is all about moving your organization into the modern age – while having some fun. Illustrations convey messages clearly.

What will you & your customers love most about the themes? The creativity.

Smart, Creative Designs: Now, neither you nor your customers will need to build internal employee campaigns from scratch. The Frank IT Change Kit IP allows you to ffer your customers a professionally-designed communications resource at their fingertips. All created by award-winning Art Directors and DesignersAll ready-made. All at a fraction of the cost & time of building on your own.


Eye-Catching Imagery: High-impact images – each handpicked to suit each design and campaign – are included with your IP purchase. No wasting time searching for the right image or dealing with stock image contracts. It's all right here: great imagery plus the photo usage license is automatically included in your purchase. Easy.

Messaging that Connects: All modules are professionally written by award-winning Copywriters to help your customers connect with their employees, cut through the clutter and give IT, HR and digital projects the attention they deserve. Moving past acronyms and tech speak, each piece motivates behavior change based in principles of consumer marketing and best-practice employee engagement processes.