What's included in the Frank IT Change Kit™ IP?

The Frank IT Change Kit IP includes the turnkey, off-the-shelf change-communications solution that provides IT, HR and digital project teams with ready-made communication materials and org change management tools. The Kit offers 27 different Change-Communication Modules that cover the most popular and pressing IT, HR and digital projects occurring today.

What's a Change-Communication Module™?

A change-communication module consists of 30-40 employee communication pieces (posters, emails, digital signage, overview guides, etc) – ready-made, professionally written, designed and delivered in editable Microsoft PowerPoint and Word – about a specific IT, HR or digital-transformation topic. The Frank IT Change Kit offers 27 change-communication modules delivered in 4 creative themes. 

What are the 4 Creative Themes™?

All 27 change-communication modules are available in four, different creative themes or “campaign skins.” This allows you to offer multiple campaign "looks" to your customers that best align with their internal brand standards or company culture.

What are the Change Readiness Tools™?

The Frank IT Change Kit IP also includes 20 Change Readiness Tools and Resistance Busters. Each tool is a guided worksheet that helps your customers gather project information, unearth resistances, identify end-user target audiences, develop key messages and more.

What's Frank's IT Change-Communications Process™?

Frank's proprietary, IT Change-Communication Process™ is Prep / Announce / Train / Sustain. Easily mapped to other, common Enterprise IT implementation processes, it's an easy-to-use and easy-to-follow path through effective employee communications.

How do my customers access and edit the materials?

You can offer the materials through your own, preferred internal delivery system. Or, your customers can access the modules via a password-protected project team portal. Either way, your customers simply point, click and download all materials. And remember: all files are delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word files. That means: no new design software to learn. You or your customers can simply edit the content to include project details & timeline and go.

How do my customers deploy the materials?

There are instructions included with each module, but in essence: once your customer has downloaded and edited a communication piece with their project details, they can simply print and hang the posters, copy and paste the emails into a new message, implement the event ideas and so forth. Tips are also included on best-practice ways to incorporate the IT, HR & digital communications into existing company communication channels so your customers are always connecting with the right audience in the right place at the right time.

How does the Frank IT Change Kit IP compare or align with other Organizational Change Management methods?

The IP was developed as a complementary addition to any legacy OCM processes your customers may have in place. The main differentiator? Most legacy organizational change management consultants and processes don’t have tangible communication materials. The Frank IT Change Kit has you & your customers covered.

How do I train my customers to use the Kit materials?

The IP includes documented end-user training sessions, guides, processes and more. Plus the core IP purchase includes a Frank-led "Train-the-Trainer" session that will equip you & your team to successfully deliver the materials to your customers.

Is the Frank team involved after I purchase the IP?

In addition to the standard "Train-the-Trainer" session and end-user training materials included with the IP purchase, the Frank leadership team can be available for 3- to 6-month support, or longer if deemed necessary. Whatever you choose: We'll be on hand to upskill and train your team on best-practice usage, sales enablement techniques and more to help you hit the ground running and, more importantly, to create sustained success.

Can the Frank team customize the module materials for me?

Absolutely. Let's work together to create a customization plan that fits your timeline and budget.

How do I monetize the IP?

The proven revenue streams for the Kit have been: 1) selling the Kit or individual modules and, 2) selling consulting time to customers using the Kit materials. Contact us today to see past and pro forma revenue numbers and opportunities.

Can I purchase the IP of individual modules?

Absolutely. We understand that your business may have a need for only a handful of change-communication modules. Contact us to discuss possible ways of purchasing individual modules that meet your technology or digital-change vertical.